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When it comes to commercial real estate property appraisals in Duval County, FL, no one matches Moody Williams Appraisal Group for accurate, well-informed appraisals based on our deep expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Jacksonville, FL market area.

As expert Duval appraisers for over 40 years, we provide a full range of real estate appraisal services including Duval County commercial property appraisals (including industrial and special purpose properties), residential real estate appraisals, litigation support, and eminent domain services.

No matter the complexity, banks, real estate developers, investors, attorneys, and local, national and federal agencies rely on Moody Williams to provide rock-solid appraisals for all their needs in Duval County and the First Coast area.

Jacksonville Commercial property

Moody Williams is recognized for providing impartial, well-supported commercial property appraisals in Duval County. Our Jacksonville commercial property appraisals can be used in tax appeals to support a claim that a property may be overvalued and assessed above market value; incorporated into a larger commercial real estate market study to analyze an investment decision or facilitate a sale or acquisition; or to use in an eminent domain case whether a private property owner or a condemning agency.

If you are a real estate attorney, real property agent, real estate investor, public entity, or other seeking quality commercial property appraisers serving Duval County, FL, look no further than Moody-Williams.

Duval County Residential Real Estate Appraisers

Our Duval County residential real estate appraisers at Moody Williams provide expert opinions on residential properties throughout Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida area. Whether single-family homes or multi-family apartments, townhomes or condominiums, our residential experts develop sound appraisals based on our firm’s unique understanding of Duval County’s individual neighborhoods, market nuances, and current and historical trends.

For property sales, acquisitions, investment decisions, divorce cases, trust and estate advisory, investment portfolio analysis, and more, you can count on Moody Williams certified residential real estate appraisers for well-researched, quality appraisals in Duval County.

Duval County Real Estate Litigation Support

Our property appraisers can also be called to testify as expert witnesses in Duval County and are recognized for possessing the knowledge and professional experience to competently carry out required appraisals, and to produce sound, well-supported reports.

Duval County, FL, look no further than Moody-Williams.

Duval County Eminent Domain Services

Accurate, data-supported property appraisals in Duval County are crucial in eminent domain cases to determine the fair market value of a property that the government is seeking to take. Moody Williams provides full eminent domain support services.

Seizing a private property for public use must be done fairly by providing just compensation to the property owner. An inaccurate property appraisal can lead to a property owner receiving less than fair market value for their real estate, which would be an injustice. Inaccurate appraisals can also lead to disputes and delays in the eminent domain process, potentially slowing or hindering important public projects. To ensure fairness and the smooth operation of eminent domain, Moody Williams is committed to providing impartial, accurate, conclusive property appraisals.

Trust Moody Williams Duval County Property Appraisers in Northeast Florida

Moody Williams Appraisal Group is a full-service real-estate appraisal group in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team specializes in eminent domain appraisals and confidently provides our clients with expert valuations and presentation of testimony, when needed. Speak with one of our experts today by calling (904) 516-8900 or emailing us at dhughes@moodywilliams.com. We look forward to assisting you!