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Reliable Appraisal Services for Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain is a term used when a city or state agency needs to take a portion or all of a property for the benefit of the community, such as road widenings, drainage improvements, or road projects. Since city and state agencies typically pay the least amount possible due to public funding, it is crucial for individuals to retain a professional appraiser to prepare an independent appraisal.

Eminent Domain appraisals demand specialized valuation techniques and deep understanding of land use law. Our professionals at Moody Williams have extensive experience in providing these types of appraisals and also in providing expert witness testimony when required (mediations, courtroom, etc). 

Protecting Your Rights in Eminent Domain Cases

Unfortunately, there are some eminent domain cases where the government may have the right to take your property without your consent. While it is unlikely that a property owner can stop this from happening, there are still steps you can take to protect your rights throughout the eminent domain process.
Our expert appraisers will work to determine a full compensation to pay Jacksonville property owners who are experiencing loss of property or rights when condemnation occurs. Working with Moody Williams ensures clients seasoned professionals who have experience in handling eminent domain appraisals to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Trust Moody Williams for Eminent Domain Appraisal Services in Northeast Florida

Moody Williams Appraisal Group is a full-service real-estate appraisal group in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team specializes in eminent domain appraisals and confidently provides our clients with expert valuations and presentation of testimony, when needed. Speak with one of our experts today by calling (904) 516-8900 or emailing us at We look forward to assisting you!