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Appraisal services include all types of commercial, residential, industrial, special purpose properties, and litigation support services including eminent domain cases, complex real estate issues, bankruptcies, divorce, and appraisals for estate purposes.


Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

Moody Williams provides commercial real estate appraisals for properties in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team of expert appraisers perform commercial valuations by using professional investing calculations to determine how much income the property is able to generate in the current market. We will consider factors such as the age and condition of the property to make the most accurate estimates for our clients.


Residential Real Estate Appraisals

Whether you are buying or selling a home, Moody Williams offers reliable residential real estate appraisal services across Jacksonville, Florida. Our team of appraisers will perform extensive research into the market area followed by an in-depth analysis of the residential property in question. From there, we will use our industry knowledge and expertise to provide an expert opinion on the value of the property.


Litigation Support

Successful property appraisals depend on informative data and skilled experts who know how to properly defend them. At Moody Williams, we deliver appraisals on various types of commercial and residential properties that are involved in mediation or court proceedings. We provide appraisals of the real estate along with expert testimony at mediation in court for a wide range of cases to solve the most complex real estate problems.



Eminent Domain is referred to as the power of the government to take private property for the public good in exchange for compensation. Our team of experts obtains extensive experience in providing these types of appraisals as well as offering expert witness testimony in court when required. The appraisers at Moody Williams ensures that every client is treated fairly under the law.



Moody Williams Appraisal Group, LLC client base varies and includes numerous banks and financial institutions, developers, attorneys, professionals, individuals, national firms and city, state, and federal regulatory agencies. The company performs work in many areas of the United States with a primary concentration in the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area and Northeast Florida. Moody Williams Appraisal Group, LLC also conducts appraisals in specific geographic areas where the property type requires particular expertise (i.e., special purpose properties (i.e., maritime-related) regional shopping centers, manufacturing/special purpose warehousing facilities, apartment complexes, hotels, and expert witness projects).

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“Moody focuses on Northeast Florida and specializes in real estate appraisals for residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as for special purpose uses, such as churches, and for litigation support.”

Karen Brune Mathis / Managing Editor


“Three appraisal teams that focus on courtroom and litigation support; banking and credit unions; and residential appraisals, which include mortgage loan purposes, estate appraisals and divorce cases.”

Realty-Builder Connection / Feb 2015


“Very few appraisers have the experience to be expert witnesses in complex cases such as eminent domain and legal cases such as foreclosures and divorce disputes.”

Andrew Thurlow / Reporter


“We found them to be very skilled in analyzing the three approaches in appraisals: market, cost and income… diligent, creative and willing to go the extra mile to deliver superior appraisal service.”

Bill Watson / Chairman of the Board, Watson Realty